Artist, Julie Butler works from her family home in Tecumseh, Ontario. She prefers representational work and is primarily interested in the figure and portraiture. Her work features contemporary characters set in the rich play of colour and texture characteristic of historic painting.

She has an undergraduate degree in art history and a Masters in Public History with a strong emphasis on museum studies. This training has developed in Butler, an understanding of how traditional media can transform ordinary subjects. Little else can give weight and permanence to our precious, fleeting moments like paint. She endeavours to render common scenes timeless by marrying them to classicism and the cultural value associated with the classical style.

Julie works mainly in acrylic, charcoal, watercolour, and pastels. She also creates glass mosaic art pieces and decorative installations. Julie extends her drawing skills in street painting performance, an art form which brings studio techniques to public spaces. She accepts commissions in all these media.

Julie is also experienced in art education and holds a Royal Conservatory Artist-Educator certificate. She has taught for the YMCA and the local school board, and runs tutorials for community art festivals. She is available for lessons in both private and group settings.